Author: Greg Leonardo

Orlando Code Camp 2024

Step into the future with ‘Prompting Genius’ and unlock the untapped potential of AI in the realm of creativity! This presentation isn’t just about algorithms and data; it’s an odyssey into the heart of AI’s ability to generate, innovate, and inspire. Learn how to craft prompts that turn AI from a tool into a collaborator, […]

Azure DevOps Podcast: Optimizing Cloud Budgets in Azure – Episode 282

Topics of Discussion: [3:49] What has been Greg’s secret sauce to success? Helping others. [4:53] Optimizing Azure budgets. [7:12] The cloud shines in replatforming or rehosting. [9:12] To Greg, a lot of the cost optimization really focuses on architectural optimization. [13:58] The importance of looking at evolution and realizing that technology doesn’t stop at the […]

Azure DevOps Podcast: Responsible AI – Episode 250

Topics of Discussion: [3:01] Greg talks about being a military veteran from the first Gulf War and then transitioning into the technology arena. [3:33] Giving back to the veteran community. [6:04] Is AI inherently irresponsible? [6:30] Greg defines responsible AI. [7:02] Thinking about AI as your personal assistant, but only presenting you with the facts. […]

Orlando Code Camp 2023

Maximizing Savings in Azure: A Guide to Cost Optimization As everyone uses the cloud more, they are learning that moving or building their apps costs a bit more than expected. Join this session to learn how to optimize costs in Azure. We will cover various cost-saving strategies and best practices, including proper resource management, utilizing […]