Azure DevOps Podcast: Optimizing Cloud Budgets in Azure – Episode 282

Topics of Discussion:

[3:49] What has been Greg’s secret sauce to success? Helping others.

[4:53] Optimizing Azure budgets.

[7:12] The cloud shines in replatforming or rehosting.

[9:12] To Greg, a lot of the cost optimization really focuses on architectural optimization.

[13:58] The importance of looking at evolution and realizing that technology doesn’t stop at the cloud.

[18:35] Don’t blame technology for your shortcomings.

[23:31] Azure services surprise people with their cost, and the need to go into things with eyes wide open.

[29:21] The problem with the pricing calculator.

[35:47] The two-fold problem with present-day containers.

[37:02] Privatized workloads.

[40:08] How the cloud can make our lives easier and enhance what we are already doing.

Azure DevOps Podcast: Greg Leonardo: Optimizing Cloud Budgets in Azure – Episode 282 (